Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparing for launch

Preparing for launch of my handstitched website.

After going to Wonder Con in San Francisco for the last two years and admiring some fantastic cosplay outfits people have put together (I've done my share of cosplay as well) I noticed the many people photographing the costumed-convention-goers and wondered, where are these pictures going?

After dressing as a sunflower and the beau dressing as a zombie (Plants vs. Zombies, ftw) last year, we were photographed quite a few times, and were hoping that perhaps we would end up on some website... or something or anything when we googled cosplay at Wondercon 2010. Would you like to guess what we found?


Not a single picture of the two of us. The only images we could find of the cosplay at the convention were ones posted on blogs and forums, which were not very organized and would only contain about 10 or 15 pictures at most on each site. There were official images, that appeared on the Wondercon site, of cosplay that had won or were runners up in the contests, but it makes you wonder about the runners up of the runners up and the hundreds of hall costumes that didn't enter the contest.

Where were all these pictures? I'm sure the world would like to know. (okay, a bit of exaggeration there, but you get my point.)

So here's the answer. This place has all the pictures. I'm going to take as many pictures of everyone in a costume that I can find, that way the cosplayer can come to this site and see that they're hard work was worth it. And they can see just how many people are admiring their work.

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