Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pokemon Video Game National Championship!

So, this year's Pokemon Video Game Championship ended about 2 hours ago. And surprise surprise... I lost... in the first round.
My poor babies put in a great effort, but had their dreams stomped on by a beast of a Jellicent.
No matter! Still, had a blast and definitely going to try harder next year!
Some highlights of the day:

Encountered these trainers waiting in line. Seem preeetty intimidating.
Except Victini. His Victini was adorable.

I know the one on the right is a Scrafty. But I'm still not so sure about the other guy. Buckthorn? (EDIT: He's a Skymin! Thanks sunshinedude!) Either way, I thought they were pretty awesome.

Took this picture randomly and got something cool! Must find myself a Koffing shirt.

Hit the deck! Giant Pikachu wants a bear hug! And this bear hug could probably kill you with cuteness.

These guys were super nice! The people you meet at these sort of tournaments and conventions are pretty amazing.

Pokemon Fisherman Ronald wants to battle!

Ran into the gym leader Morty and his trusty Haunter

Ash was there, fully equipped with his trusty Pikachu

The two finalists battling it out the manliest way that I know, with their Pokemon.

This is just me hanging out with my new friends.

Sad Tony and sad Oshawatt. Evvverybody huurts, everybody cryyys...

My camera is acting a little funky with my video editing software, so I think I'll have to upload it to my home computer and edit it that way. So no videos YET. Soon!!!


  1. that dude next to the scrafty is totally a skymin! lolbuckthorn xD

    nice pics! how was the event?

    don't change it please :3


  3. LOL!!! OH My heavens... skymin! Why did I not see this? Hahaha.

  4. it was funny when no one recognized him ;-;