Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ani-Jam, School, and Las Vegas!

So this past week has been pretty hectic for me.
I started my fall semester at my university so I'm pretty busy trying to keep my GPA from making a nose dive and getting my body to fall asleep before 4 AM.

That is the worst excuse for being absolutely absent from my blog but I'm a big whiny baby. At least I admit it right? Heehee.
So here are some of my favorite photos from Ani-Jam. I was also in Las Vegas last weekend so I have photos from that too. I'm going to try to make this week a super blog week to make up for my sluggishness. Enjoy! :)

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Oh that bountiful bosom. Anime cars again!

Chilling with El Boba.

My friend Jeannie and her sister! :)

Italy and Russia from Hetalia. I added ah pasta!
Miku and her leek.

Super cool people dressed up as super cool heroes! :)

My friend Maria as X-23!

These guys were guarding the doors, pretty intimidating!

Our friend as Lightning!

All these photos and a bunch more are at the cosplay gallery, so go check it out for funzies. ^^

OH! I will be having a contest! I'm just trying to hammer out all the rules and details!
Photos from Las Vegas will be up today or tomorrow.


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