Monday, August 1, 2011

The Waxiest Day Ever

So, this blog isn't about waxing my legs or anything disturbing like that. But the beau and I decided to hang out with a bunch of celebrities this last weekend.

Me looking ecstatic next to an anorexic Zac Efron

Who dealt it?

I know who did.

Tony getting cozy with Penelope Cruz

Me hugging Nicholas Cage

*plays rocket power theme music*

Reenacting Sister Act

Tony wanted to join in too.

Then I parted some seas like a boss.

Just being cooool.

Tony got bit by a radioactive spider. Needless to say this was him half the day.

O hai Mr. Armstrong. Didn't know you liked to bike around here.

I am disappoint.


Don't they look kinda similar? Weeeird.

Smoking invisible cigarettes.

Hanging out with Charlie Chaplin. Somehow.

Alfred Hitchcock totally invading some showertime privacy.

Allllll the single ladies


Okay, so it was kinda obvious that these weren't the actual celebrities. We were at Madame Tussaud's in Hollywood making fools out of ourselves with wax figures. We heard about it while watching Conan and just had to go pay his wax figure a visit.

Yay pointing!

More pointing!

It was a whole lot of fun. The one thing that I learned from this is I'm freaking small compared to some of these celebrities.

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