Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Midnight Premiere!!

So finally I can blog about this! I've been pretty busy being up in Oakland for my sister's birthday. I would've blogged sooner but, what is a blog without pictures? right?
So the sister and I went to the Harry Potter 7 midnight premiere in Berkeley and there were bunches of fun people in costume to take pictures of.
Without further ado...
Here's some of my favorite pictures, all of the costume pictures can be found here at the Cosplay Gallery. ^^

Bridgette and I taking a very... interesting picture together.

Much better picture of us being Ravenclaw school girls.

Bridgette's Ravenclaw cosplay
Harry and his Snitch!

A very convincing Mr. Ollivander

Super nice Harry Potter Fans ^^

We ran into Hermione studying in line

Very dramatic Harry

Gred and Forge!

A whole mess of death eaters

And here's my ravenclaw school girl outfit.

The whole thing was very very fun. The movie was spot on and I am so sad the whole thing is over. Remember to like your picture on facebook! It helps spread your picture around the internet. =)

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