Friday, July 1, 2011


So for Anime Expo we drove here to Los Angeles and before we go to the convention tomorrow, we decided to check out Hollywood Boulevard.
This will be a picture vomit post! =)

pretending like I know how to read a map

paying homage to freddie mercury

chilling with a shark bouncer, like a boss

exotic shoe store?

we found a place that sells pretty glass thingies

then found out that scientology was pretty darn popular in LA

oh snap.

checking out the sights

just checking my shoe size

then my baby yellow aveo turned into bumblebee

Had to fight myself from buying a cut out

Mann Chinese Theater!

Best Samuel L. Jackson Impression Evver

Didn't fit. :(


Coolest statues

Tony admiring the statues

Me almost dying in front of the theater

Then it was tony's turn.

We'll be dressing as Tenma and Harima from School Rumble at Anime Expo tomorrow!
Looking forward to it! :)

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